Main Products

T&T Precision Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells industrial machinery parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical machinery, food machinery and other industrial production equipments.

Precision Ground Ball Screw

Precision Ground Ball Screw Precision and high accuracy. Suitable ball screw for machine tools and industrial equipments etc..

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Rolled Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw Very smooth motion and cost effective ball screw.

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Customized Ball Screw

Customized Ball Screw Specially designed ball screw is available. High rigidity and saving weight are achieved at the same time by combining ball nut with accessory parts as shown above.

Linear Shaft / Bearing

Linear Shaft / Bearing Smoother linear motion and higher rigidity are achieved by T&T original inner structure of bearing which conventional bearing from other makes does not have.

Miniature Linear Guide

Miniature Linear Guide Much smoother linear motion and longer life of linear guide are realized by T&T’s unconventional and unique production method.

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*CAD Data Download(dxf):
  LT05  LT07  LT09  LT12  LT15
  LT07W  LT09W  LT12W  LT15W

Precision Machine Parts

Precision Machine Parts We do a variety of metal process work such as aluminum process, hardening and grinding by T&T's in-house production equipments from start to finish.

Production Equipments

A part of the equipment that is used in T & T Precision.

NC LatheMachining Center
NC LatheMachining Center
Surface Grinding MachineCarburizing Furnace
Surface Grinding MachineCarburizing Furnace